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get to know us

Naked Flower is a small-scale, sustainable flower farm nestled in the Pine Barrens of coastal South Jersey.

We grow speciality tulips, fragrant narcissus, and heirloom chrysanthemums on less than an acre. We are a small but fierce team bringing local, ethical flowers right to your door.

Get in Touch

meet the farmers


norah langweiler

Farmer, Idea Machine, Bug Whisperer

Insisting that she just “cannot work for anyone else” and actually, “prefers to be outside,” Norah runs the show here, planning and planting the crops, working with clients, and training the not-yet-a-farmdog how to leave the freshly-planted beds alone.​



bill hurst

Farmer, Reality Checker, Tree Enthusiast

Claiming to “just be along for the ride,” Bill isn't fooling anyone. Bill is the track that keeps this train moving - building new beds, digging big holes, and keeping this baby running on time.​



millie the farmdog 

Hole-digger, Stick Eater, Pest Chaser

Millie is still learning, but boy is she enthusiastic! She keeps the voles in check and does soil inspections in every bed, almost every day. Thanks, Mill!

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